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Interlock Projects

The luxury of low maintenance

Outdoor spaces are made to be enjoyed. Spend less time caring for them and more time admiring them by incorporating hardscaping elements that help keep maintenance to a minimum.

The Design Pillars


Play with our palette of coordinating and contrasting hues to inject visual interest and create a customized look that’s right on tone. From grey patio pavers and modern black slabs to pavers inspired by traditional red brick, we have a hue to match your mood.


Creative textures trick the eye and add a winning touch to every outdoor space. These textures trick the eye with surface appearances that range from super smooth to ultra-detailed, and stay true even to the touch. Enjoy the natural feel of wood grain, travertine and more without the maintenance that usually comes with it!


Whatever your stone style, spectacular comes in all shapes and sizes. Mind the scale you’re working with. Larger stones are fit for grand spaces while smaller ones are ideal for banding, contouring and mosaics. From larger-than-life slabs to tiny European cobblestone-inspired pavers, you will surely find a stone to meet your creative needs.


Ready for something different? There’s a lot more to paving stones than just right angles. From classic to creative, explore all the options — then let them be the building blocks for your next big idea. Whether you’re into curves or prefer to be square, our wide selection of pavers and slabs will surely help you give shape to your ideas.

Project Gallery

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